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Master Math at Home - Math — No Problem! Geometry and Shape cover with two Grade 5 mathematicians. One child is holding a card with a circle and a number of different radii angle.

Geometry and Shape

Solve problems involving angles. Describe position, translations, and reflections.

Master Math at Home is based on the award-winning Math — No Problem! Program, which is proven to help learners build problem-solving skills and develop a deep, secure, and long-lasting understanding of core math concepts.

How to make the most of this book

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An introduction to the Master Math at Home Series

Watch this video, produced for parents and caregivers, to see what the Master Math at Home Series is all about. We also provide some tips on how to approach the lessons to help your learner get the most out of them.

Other books at this grade level

For each grade level — Kindergarten to Grade 5 — in the Master Math at Home Series, there are six books. Please see below for the other books at this grade level.